I’m an ambitious and creative person focusing on marketing, artificial intelligence and ecommerce.

At the helm of AI marketing agency Pepscale, I specialize in AI integration for business leaders. We offer bespoke training, strategy and AI automation services.

Speaking and events 💬

As a seasoned speaker and panel moderator, I take pride in sharing my experiences through inspiring storytelling.

Upcoming speaking schedule

September 2024: Enaa Akademija (Online)

Ready to Elevate Your Event?

Let’s bring the energy, insight and inspiration!

I’m here to deliver memorable presentations and engaging talks that your audience will love.

From conferences to panels, I bring my passion and expertise to every stage. Let’s make your next event unforgettable.

Expertise and results 🎯

My background includes:

  • an MA in Journalism from University of the Arts London
  • a BA in Comparative Literature from University of Ljubljana
  • Filmmaking studies at NYFA’s NYC branch

After working in London, UK as a journalist and editor, I joined my family’s thriving ecommerce business as Digital Media Director.

This role steered my writing and creative direction skills towards conversions and sales in the cutthroat online space.

As a project manager, I contributed to the business’s €20 million yearly revenue managing and leading in-house and remote teams.

Collaborating with top tech, lifestyle and FMCG brands, I generated yearly revenue in the seven figures from Facebook and Instagram ads alone.

In today’s AI-driven landscape, I channel my expertise in business development and marketing into getting the most juice out of AI tools.

I help business owners and decision makers with AI integration, offering custom training, AI strategy and AI automation services.

The violin era 🎻

My commitment to achieving greater heights stems from my childhood experience as a competitive violinist

Countless solo performances in front of juries and audiences taught me the importance of tenacity and practice. 

Not only did I develop discipline and dedication, but I also learned how to remain focused on my goals. 

The finesse and artistic expression I developed as a classical musician influence my work and character to this day.

Personal delights 💃🏻

My free time is filled with learning Chinese (HSK 2), reading a book per week, walking and strength training. 

My dream is to complete another degree in Chinese language and culture. 我的中文名字是多慧。

Having grown up between two countries and three languages, cultural diversity is part of my DNA. 

I’m currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Apart from living here, in Croatia and the UK, I’ve also spent extended periods in:

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Antwerp, Belgium
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • and Seville, Spain.